The best restaurants for business meetings in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

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We all know how tough it is to pick a quick spot to meet a client when you are already so consumed with work, making the sale and everything else in between.

The last thing you want to do is to get on Google only to scour endless pages of restaurants in the desired neighborhood. So here is a guide for restaurant and food lovers alike who are looking to impress their clients with good food, while finding that perfect meeting place to spark a great conversation and fund that deal!



As one of the best foodie destinations in Canada, Montreal simply lives for food. From traditional recipes to refined and inventive flavours, Montreal restaurants pave way for the rest of the country. Here are a few selections of great restaurants to visit the next time you have a client lunch or dinner to plan.


Toqué! – Consistently listed as one of Canada’s top restaurants, Toqué! has been around for over 25 years and combines farm-fresh Québécois dishes & tasting menus from renowned chef Normand Laprise. The food is refined and delicious as well as beautifully plated. The restaurant itself is airy and colourful and its elegance and impeccable service can lend a helping hand at sealing the deal with your client. Reservations are a must at this Montreal institution.


XO Le Restaurant – Located inside Hotel Le St. James, this special-occasion restaurant located in an 1870 banker’s hall has everything from molecular-influenced tasting menus to seasonal local delicacies. The wine list is renowned for being selected by the hotel’s sommeliers from the finest cellars in the world. If you are looking to impress your client, or if you are treating your clients to a meal to thank them, this is the place!

Gibby’s Restaurant – For a less stuffy atmosphere with an old-world feel, Gibbys is a steakhouse located in an 18th-century stable in Old Montreal. With a good helping of seafood options and a warm and cozy fireplace, this restaurant is a local favourite. Don’t forget to take a look at their wine list!



As one of the most beautiful places to live in Canada, Vancouver does not skimp out when it comes to a great food scene. Located along the west coast, there is no shortage of fresh seafood and seasonal delicacies and not to mention a waterfront view that will impress most clients.

Here are some great spots to consider when choosing where to spark up that next conversation that could lead to your next funding.


Cactus Club – As a popular west coast chain, and proudly Canadian owned and operated, Cactus Club has what it takes for your next client meeting. Not only is Chef Rob Feenie’s menu consistently delicious, but west coasters love this restaurant and to kick it up a notch, the Coal Harbour location is 10,000-square-feet with views of Stanley Park, Coal Harbour and the North Shore Mountains. The view pays for itself! Located in most suburbs on the West Coast and now even in ON, AB and SK, Cactus Club is definitely a contender for your next business lunch.

Nightingale – As a follow up to acclaimed Chef David Hawksworth’s flagship – Hawksworth Restaurant in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Chef Hawksworth created his more informal restaurant serving modern Canadian fare, Nightingale. Located in the new MNP Tower next to the Marine Building, Nightingale has a grand contemporary room with soaring ceilings and natural light woods. Anchored by an open kitchen, the space and the food is a sure bet for your next client meeting.


Blue Water Café & Grill – Consistently awarded best seafood restaurant in Vancouver, Blue Water Café has been an institution in Yaletown since 1999. Known as a great after work hub and a dinner spot for special occasions, the food is delicious with its incredible open kitchen for fresh cooked seafood to its award-winning raw bar featuring renowned Japanese Chefs. If you are looking to impress your clients, this is the place. Not to mention, wine connoisseurs alike will sure to be impressed by the extensive list. Reservations are a must at this acclaimed seafood restaurant.



Known to be the foodie hub in Canada, Toronto has star powered chef’s oozing out of every corner in the city. The Toronto food scene is only growing with new and surprising restaurants opening all the time. But with all of this in mind, where would you impress your next client? Where could you potentially sign your next deal?

Here are a few great spots broken down into Lunch and Dinner meetings that will impress even the most conservative client.


Auberge du Pommier – Off the beaten path in a corporate complex in North York, is this cute little French cottage with a European flare. Steps away from York Mills station, this restaurant has been known to host many business meetings over the lunch hour. The food is French modern, and the plating is like a work of art. Service is unbeatable and the ambiance is quiet and elegant, perfect for a discreet business engagement. Reservations are highly recommended as it can get busy over the lunch hour.

The Keg – Although a popular family steakhouse, The Keg can be a great spot for a casual lunch (or dinner) with a great vibe (fireplace, good service), setting the tone for a great business meeting. Locations are all over Canada, and the food is consistently great across all locations.

Canoe – If wowing your client is on your list of to-do’s then Canoe’s view will do the trick. Atop the TD Tower in downtown Toronto, Canoe impresses Canadians and visitors alike with Canadian ingredients, ornate entrees and elegant drinks. Canoe is only open during the weekdays and weekends are typically reserved for private functions. Reservations are a must in this highly coveted hot spot.


Terroni Adelaide – For a casual business lunch for small or larger groups, this busy Italian eatery on Adelaide hits the spot. Located in a former courthouse, this casual-chic eatery serves classic Southern-Italian fare and is sure to please even the most old-fashioned client.

For a midtown location, Terroni on Yonge has its Price street location, steps away from Summerhill Station with one of the best rooftop patios in the summer.

The Chase – Located in the financial district, this seafood restaurant sits atop its more casual seafood diner, The Chase Fish and Oyster. With a beautiful elegant ambiance, you will impress your clients with its menu of lobster, foie gras and many seasonal specialties. Reservations are recommended.


The above list only scratches the surface on how the Canadian hospitality and culinary scene can work with you to help you close your next business deal. There’s nothing better than treating a client and giving them an experience to remember.

Live outside of these cities or did we miss any? Comment below to let us know your favourite spot to have business meetings