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If you’re not reaching out to Canadians 55+ online, you’re missing out.

Did you know that in recent years the fastest-growing demographic online are those aged 65 to 74? This demographic jumped by 16% between 2013 and 2016 according to a study by Statistics Canada. A large reason for this jump is because this demographic is comprised of the Baby Boomer generation who want to stay connected. Comparatively, the level of online usage by those aged 75+ is much lower.

Given this trend, companies who sell to Canadians aged 55+ need to focus on creating a presence online.

The Best Place to Start is with Social Media.

81% of Canadians aged 65 to 74 are online daily to a few times a week – most of which is on social media platforms. This means that as a mortgage broker, it’s smart to direct marketing efforts on social media platforms to capture prospects who could use your help and expertise.

More Specifically, Start with Facebook.

It’s no surprise that Facebook is the biggest social media platform. Not to mention that it also owns two other applications that are rising in popularity: Instagram and WhatsApp.

Facebook allows you to target users by age, region, language preference, and interests based on pages they follow, to name a few. This allows you to get as targeted as you want with your advertising – reaching the customers you want.

But the biggest benefit with Facebook is that it’s easy to use whether you’re sharing content or creating ads to promote your business. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it only takes a few minutes to setup. If you already have one, make sure you’re posting great content regularly and interacting with those who’ve liked your page.

You Can Create An Edge Over Your Competitors

With only 46% of Canadian businesses using social media to promote their company, you have an opportunity to make an impact in an area your competition may not be focusing on yet. Not only are more Canadians online, but more of them are doing their research, reading reviews, and making purchase decisions even before they contact you. The only way many of your future clients may find you is by having a strong presence online.

2 Other Key Areas to Get Started Online

  1. A Simple Website
    If you don’t have a website already, make sure you get one up soon. If you have one, make sure it stands out with great content, imagery and your contact information.
    Bonus Tip: A lot of website builders such as Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress not only make it easy to get started, but they also have add-ons that allow your clients book an appointment right from the site!
  2. Google Search
    The best way to find anything online is through a search engine, and there’s no search engine more popular (or influential) than Google. Make sure that you have a Google My Business account set-up. This will ensure that customers can see your business when they are searching for it, write a review which often leads to more business, and can find their way to your office through Google Maps.

Dive in and start creating a positive presence online. This will help you get more leads, build credibility and help grow your business!



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